I was planning to go see flamingos from many days but somehow things were not getting right. In one of visits to Bhandup pumping station, I met the person who runs boat rides for bird watchers. Next Saturday, we went to the place as per timings given by him.

It was a great experience to see huge variety of birds in massive numbers. As we started the journey, a big flock of sandpipers just flew away over us making the start very exciting. We could see sandpipers, shelduck, shovellers, teal, flamigo, curlew, avocet, godwits etc.

A must visit place for every birdwatcher …




Ovalekar butterfly garden

Ovalekar butterfly garden, very good site for nature lovers in Thane. Its on Ghodbandar road, Thane near Kasarvadavali. Mr. Ovalekar has good knowledge about butterflies, their life cycle and interesting facts related to them. He has developed this over the years through his hobby and passion. We all can enjoys benefits of that hard work. Site is open only on Sundays from 7 am to 2 pm.

Sharing some images from garden –

He also showed a very interesting butterfly specie called “Blue Oak leaf butterfly” which almost looks like a dry leaf from outside and has sparkling blue color inside. Fortunately, this butterfly was having food and allowed us to take some snaps. It was a really treat.

Apart from butterflies lot of other things to see and enjoy for a nature lover ….


Nandur Madhyameshwar

It was a long pending visit to Nandur Madhyameshwar. Being from Nasik, it was supposed to be the nearest spot for me but somehow I never went till this visit. Its only 1 hour journey from Nasik through beautiful road on both sides.

I did not go there with much expectations as winters were just starting. December / January will be best month to visit …

Alibag .. good destination near Mumbai

We went to Alibag with lots of expectations to see some sea shore birds but did not get much. on the contrary, some sighting of passerines was delightful !!


@ Kabini

It was a wonderful experience to spend time in Kabini water reservoir. We reached there after a long journey of 7 hrs. Spilt into 2 groups, our group went for boat ride. Waited for an hr as some more members were suppose to join. Most of us started feeling restless as nothing was happening and were thinking whether we should have joined the jungle safari ..

But when we started , to our pleasant surprise, one by one, many bird & animal species were waiting for us. Excellent climate, less human interference … a perfect location.

I could see appr 35 species of birds … may be more …. but more or less captured 35. Thanks to all friends who made this journey joyful !!!!

Here are some of the glimpse …

Grey Headed Fish Eagle @ Kabini
Grey Headed Fish Eagle @ Kabini
Indian spotted Eagle @ Kabini
Indian spotted Eagle @ Kabini
Small Kingfisher @ Kabini
Small Kingfisher @ Kabini
Pied Kingfisher @ Kabini
Purple rumped Sunbird @ Kabini
Purple rumped Sunbird @ Kabini
Bar headed geese @ Kabini
Bar headed geese @ Kabini
Woolly necked stork @ Kabini
Woolly necked stork @ Kabini

This is also habitat for lot of animals including elephants, spotted deer, Sambar, wild boar, Indian Gur





and few good evening scenes ….

IMG_8707 IMG_8732

Would be extremely happy to visit this place again !!!!